March 27, 2014

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You’ve probably seen wine charms before. If you’ve got a bunch of friends over and bust out the fancy glasses, charms are a useful way to keep the drinks labeled. The thing is, when we have friends over, we’re usually not drinking wine. We’re drinking water or juice or something, but we have the same issue of mixing up glasses! Sure, if it’s a wholeeee bunch of people, we’ll go with plastic and a Sharpie, but if we’re having several friends over for brunch, what’s the solution? You guessed right: Glass Cup Charms!

glass cup charms

A few years ago I thought of this idea and decided to make some. Since I had so much paint, I went ahead and made a bunch for friends, too. I just mass-produced rows of fruit, let them dry, then stuck them onto a framed image of glass cups to make simple gifts:

Cup Charms resizedThis is a super fun and easy peasy project that you can also do with kids! I imagine we’ll be getting a new set of paints so our kiddos can make their own design and personalize their glasses in a few years. I’m already excited for that craft session!


It’s a simple idea, but a lot of fun. All it takes is a glossy surface (sheet protectors will do!) and some glass window paints, which you can get from Amazon (prime!) for $15. It’s pretty much like using puffy paints (you know, the 3D paint you used to decorate white undershirts with in middle school?), but the designs are reusable! I’m no artist, but even I was proud of what I made. I’d love to hear what you would make if you tried this!


DIY Glass Cup Charms



  1. Place a sheet of white paper into a sheet protector. The paper makes it easier for you to see your design, and the sheet protector makes it easy to peel off your design once it has dried. Also consider printing up fun, simple designs on the paper first so you (or the kids) have something to trace.
  2. Make your design. If you plan to use black to outline, then outline first before filling in.
  3. Once it is dry, peel it off and stick away!

Tips and Ideas:

What do you think? What designs would you make?

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2 responses to “DIY Glass Cup Charms”

  1. Amy says:

    I love it when little kids wonders why their water isn’t fruit flavored when we use them. It has happened a couple times.

  2. Angela says:

    We love the ones you made for us and used these all the time, thank you 🙂 Friends thought it was a brilliant idea, too!

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